"We Hold The Key

To Your House Staffing Needs...”

We welcome Clients (Families looking for staff)

& Candidates (staff looking for a Family) from all over the USA.


We are based in Beverly Hills, CA, but operate as a Nationwide Agency.

We are available to you 24/7 to meet your needs. 

You will find our services to be customized, unique, accurate, & swift.


- The Herbert Alfred Agency - 

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We are an elite Domestic Staffing Agency

here to help you with your Home Staffing needs.

We specialize in placing Nannies/Mannies, Housekeepers, Family Assistants, Personal Assistants, Senior Caregivers, House/Estate Managers, Chefs, Chauffeurs, Bodyguards, & more in a Client’s home.


Our Clients

For our Clients we offer various Packages on our Candidates that are within your Family’s budget.


We will be offering you a Free Phone Consult to go over our process, learn what you are seeking, & also share more about us & the Placement Process.


After you hire a Candidate from us, we can refer you to the proper outlets for your legal or tax questions, as well as resources to answer any ongoing questions you may have about your hired Candidate.

Our Candidates

For our Candidates, whether you are a Nanny/Manny, a Personal Assistant, a Family Assistant, a Housekeeper, a Chef, a House/Estate Manager, Senior Caregiver, or any other Domestic Worker, we are here to guide & help you with your career on a long-term basis.


After you complete our Candidate Application, we will begin the process of screening you & then put together a Candidate Portfolio for you, should you pass our screening process.


During the interviewing process & after hire, we also offer our Candidates suggestions for ongoing career development, training, resume building, & how to successfully market themselves in their Domestic Careers. 


We, at The Herbert Alfred Agency,

believe in positive relationships, ethical business practices, & giving back to our Community.


We strive to provide both Candidates & Clients with a rewarding & positive experience at all times.


Our everyday work follows the mindset of efficiency, accuracy, honesty, kindness, & attentiveness.


We wish to offer others an experience with our Agency

that is based around these Core Values.