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Family in Wellington is seeking an experienced, professional, active,

and engaging Live-in nanny who is bilingual in Spanish and English.

They have 2 children ages four years old and 1 year old.

Position Description:

Seeking a bilingual Nanny for this wonderful Family. Nanny should be comfortable working many days consecutively (e.g., if traveling for one or two weeks at a time, only one nanny will travel with family and the other nanny is off work). Family has other residences in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Wyoming. The position requires extreme flexibility as the family's schedule changes at various times in the year (e.g., school holidays, summer, travel, etc.). Approximately 16-20+ weeks of domestic and international travel per year is required.

Nationwide search.

COVID-19 Information:

The Family practices social distancing & is desiring a Nanny who is agreeable to this. The Nanny should be willing to stay within the home with seldom leaving during this time. Wearing a mask while on the clock is a possibility.


This is a live out position.

Projected Schedule:

Nanny should expect to work up to six days per week, unless required to travel.

Responsibilities & Duties:

~Engages in healthy play and activities with the children

~Assists children with homework and school projects (when age


~Provides developmentally appropriate games and activities, engaging

projects and crafts at home and schedule/plan fun outings and events

~Performs domestic duties relating to children (e.g., washing dishes

after meals, tidying playroom and bedroom, packing and unpacking

children for trips/travel, etc.)

~Organizes projects relating to children (e.g., taking toys and

clothing to donation, rotating children's clothes seasonally, rotating

books and toys quarterly or bi-annually, etc.)

~Supports teaching and reinforcement of manners and other social


~Transports children to and from school, scheduled activities,

sports, play dates, outings, etc.

~Prepares fresh and healthy meals for children, as needed; and

communicating with private chef

regarding food relating to children

~Packs healthy lunches and prepares school bags

~Packs children for trips, and research/plan activities at

destination and ensure appropriate gear is available at other

residence, hotel or resort

~Present yourself properly at all times; representing The Herbert Alfred Agency with poise & Professionalism always


~Experienced working with similar aged children and with at least

two children in a nanny position

~Attentive to principals' preferences and style (intuitive to their


~Observant to the needs of family to anticipate their needs (e.g.,

finding and registering children for activities that are age

appropriate, planning engaging activities at home, etc.).

~Professional and maintains discretion - understands and respects

privacy and the sensitivity of

access to confidential information and acts appropriately to maintain

its confidentiality

~Honest and Trustworthy

~Previous experience working with principals that are at residence

often (discreet and staying out of the way is important)

~Experienced and willing to be an extension of the parents

~Comfortable with animals (family has estate with horses, dogs,

birds, rabbits, etc.).

~Able to travel internationally and domestically whenever necessary

– has flexibility

~Experienced and knowledgeable about routines, sleep training,

reading and communicating to baby as often as possible

~Experienced with play-based learning and creating educational

activities (e.g., planned engaging activities at home, developmentally

appropriate games and activities, engaging projects and crafts, themed

weeks, scheduled outings, etc.)

~Diligent team player and has excellent communication and

collaboration with the principals, family office and domestic staff

(estate manager, house manager, private chef, personal assistant,

housekeepers, nannies, baby nurse, etc.) – shares information,

advice and suggestions to help

others to be more successful; provides effective coaching

~Able to problem solve and demonstrate reasoned judgment and

discipline, reserving decision

making until all information is received.

~Highly organized, able to multi-task, excellent time management,


~Positive attitude and ability to handle position with ease and calm



~Trustworthiness and integrity, always acting in the best interests of the Parents

~Respect for, and emphasis on, confidentiality and privacy in regards to the Parents private life

Physical Requirements:

~ 5-10+ years of full-time consistent and recent nanny experience

~3-4 references from professional positions

~Bilingual in Spanish and English

~Bachelor’s degree is desirable, but not required

~Passionate about education, child development, etc.

~Seeking longevity (e.g., 2-5+ year commitment)

~Ability to swim and snow/ski

~Eligible to work in the United States

~CPR and First Aid certified

~Drive a car

~Ability to spend long periods of time with children on an airplane

Salary Offered:

~$90k-$110k/year DOE

~Annual pay raise based on performance

The Herbert Alfred Agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical disabilities, veteran status, & marital status.

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